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About Us

The Trail Riding Company is the number-one provider of safe, quality horseback riding experiences and equestrian services in Aiken, SC. Owned and operated by Ladonna R. Heise and a team of experienced riders, The Trail Riding Company works hard to cultivate a love for nature and animals in children, tourists, and local horse riders by giving them a chance to see the scenic views and unique trails Aiken, SC, has to offer.

We believe that a trail ride can change your perspective of the world. Also, clinical studies show exercising with horses has significant psychological and physical health benefits, so you won’t find any activity that offers the same level of relaxation. Controlling horses through mountain trails, beaches, and beautiful parks while forming a connection with them, your teammates, and the environment can culminate into an unforgettable experience.

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Ladonna R. Heise, a trail riding expert, has over 20 years of experience in horseback riding. She grew up guiding, riding, and maintaining farm mules while her grandfather worked the ground. She has always dreamed of working with horses professionally.

The Trail Riding Company owes its existence to LaDonna’s business ambitions, which formed when she was six. She was practice-riding with her Shetland pony and dreamed of sharing that experience with friends her age and grown-ups living in urban settings who have no idea about the wonders horseback rides and nature tripping have to offer. She believes that everyone deserves to experience the beauty of nature a guided trail ride provides.
Twenty years later, Ladonna delivers professional horseback riding and equestrian services with a team of guides and draft horses in Aiken.

You can find Ladonna and The Trail Riding Company at Hitchcock Woods, a 2100-acre farm with a colorful history dating back to the early 1890s. Bird watchers, equestrians, hikers, and nature lovers frequent the park today as it continues to preserve the horseback riding heritage of South Carolina.


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