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According to the American Psychological Association, interacting with animals in nature and creating new experiences with old friends and new acquaintances have significant physical and mental health benefits that scientists are still attempting to measure. A Nielsen Total Audience Report reveals that most adults in the United States spend more than 10 hours a day behind a screen. As cities grow larger and suburbs take over land that previously belonged to forests and reserves, people today feel more disconnected from nature than ever.

Taking a horse on a stroll through a wilderness trail has scientifically proven benefits, including lowering stress, lengthening attention spans, and lightening moods. Parents love engaging our guides to arrange team rides for their children as it cultivates cooperation, empathy, and friendship with animals and people.

Research from the Psychonomic Bulletin reveals that people who listen to waves crashing, crickets chirping, and other nature sounds like those encountered on a trail have better concentration and a higher cognitive ability for problem-solving than ones immersed in the sounds of a café and ambient vehicle traffic.

Scientists also believe that because humans evolved in wilderness settings, people in urban environments have an innate desire to reconnect with nature. The International Journal of Wellbeing indicates that interaction with animals, trees, and trails acts as a potent stress reliever and can refresh your cognitive resources.

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