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Health researchers love studying the long-term benefits of repeated exposure to natural settings in children. At The Trail Riding Company, our experienced horse riders advocate for parents to get their children into horseback riding, hiking, and green living early as it helps them develop an appreciation for nature and a better outlook on life.

Research in Science Advances reveals that people who experience decreased mental distress in urban settings have regular contact with nature. They also have more positive and meaningful social interactions and a more grounded sense of purpose and meaning in life. Horseback riding offers an excellent way to reduce stress from school, work, and long commutes.

Scientists from Denmark studied more than 900,000 people in various parts of the country over ten years. They found that children exposed to green spaces, like riding trails, parks, beaches, and mountains, were significantly less likely to develop eating disorders, depression, substance abuse, and drastic mood swings later in life. Over two million Americans own horses because of this, including our guides at The Trail Riding Company.

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